Common questions clients have when considering getting permanent makeup are mostly in comparison to many salons who offer these services.

What sets me apart from them is that the eyebrow tattoos I do are not "semi permanent", meaning the pigments typically used by these salons include ingredients like vegetable oil and oil based pigments. Over the course of a year or two, your body will absorb these pigments, dramatically fading the "tattoo", and for many people, leaving a trace behind of the old pigment which usually turns greyish blue, or pinkish red.

The service I provide is an actual permanent eyebrow tattoo. Given that the face is a part of the body that sheds dead skin frequently, along with sun exposure, aging, and everyday skincare routines of washing, exfoliating, and toning, the tattoo WILL slightly lighten over time, however it will not change colors. This is a much more affordable alternative to the $700-1500 price tag associated with such temporary "permanent" makeup.

The technique used is the same technique in theory as microblading, minus the actual scalpel used to "slice" in thin hairs with vegetable pigment. You

get the same look; thin strokes, natural looking "hairs" that accentuate your natural brows, done with a pen style machine.

The process takes about 30 minutes total in tattooing time, on top of 10-15 consult time beforehand to assess shape, thickness, and custom colors that match your skin complexion and hair color. Local anesthetic is available for an additional charge, however 98% of my clients have expressed that it was tolerable enough to do without, and I agree having done this myself. The price for this service is $375 with a $75 deposit, and $300 due at session.

Permanent Makeup